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Decoding 3 Biggest Myths of Digital Transformation

Decoding 3 Biggest Myths of Digital Transformation

You may have heard about digital transformation recently being the hottest topic in the business and IT sectors. Digital transformation probably created an industrial revolution. It helps the companies, especially SMEs that belong to the same sphere, reach the top of the success ladder. Almost every company today hopes to achieve the streamlined innovation process and generate profit that digital transformation promises. However, most companies have ambiguity about digital transformation, which is, unfortunately, holding them back to hoist their flag on the peak of success.

In general, the SMEsclasp some myths and don’t consider undergoing a digital transformation for their organization. In order to help them differentiate the fact and the fiction, we encapsulate three myths regarding digital transformation. We hope our small viewpoint will help you decode these misbelieves and give you a transparent idea regarding digital transformation.

Digital transformation as a superior technology:

One of the typical yet prime misconceptions that companies have regarding digital transformation is – if the company modernizes its technology, it will develop the digital transformation. However, the latest technology is crucial to any successful conversion. But it is still hollow without glancing closely and thoroughly at the overall process &corporate policies in the same place, including the willingness and buy-in of an organization.

Company executives must provide their employees a transparent vision. Simultaneously, all team members must take personal yet individual responsibilities and change their mindset from the bottom up, too. Remember, technology is the enabler, not the objective. So, any change at this level should be cultural; rather than technological.

The real cultural change occurs when the entire organization considers carrying new ideas and be responsible for bearing transformative efforts. Most importantly, technology doesn’t become irrelevant or peripheral due to cultural change, obviously.

Digital transformation is only essential for the latest tech & software companies:

Maybe you think digital transformation only belongs to modern tech and software companies? If so, we would like you to think twice. Your venture doesn’t have to be a fierce startup or Silicon Valley Behemoth to embrace digital transformation. Besides, you don’t have to invest infinite dollars in apprehending your transformation goals.

For instance, Sun communities, a small real estate investment trust, whose SAP software helped on its digital transformation journey.

The company wanted to automate technological means and execute new rewards and recognition programs. Being an avid user of SAP Success Factors solutions, the company visited SAP App Center. Thereby, the center filtered down to a solution named JobPts, which is an employee recognition and appreciation software. Later, the Sun Communities company purchased, deployed, and customized the JobPts software.

Hence, they were able to show the recognition and appreciation that employees deserve. Ultimately, they succeeded in enriching the company culture and provide an extraordinary employee experience. However, the company received massive positive feedback from employees and developed employee engagement by 150% as well.

You have enough time for digital transformation:

It is no longer secret anymore that the velocity of technical transformation is increasing rapidly. Meaning, the start of your digital transformation will get dense down the road over time. While you run your company on neutral ground, on the other hand, your competitor might accelerate its company transformation. As time is passing by, digital transformation will only get harder to implement and expensive as well. So, the outcome is obvious, global companies across all industries don’t have enough time to wait for digital transformation anymore.

It’s high time you understand the importance and significance of digital transformation for your venture and spring your journey.

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